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Subject Matter Expert Service

Physical and Life Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technologies
Technology Product Development, IP/Patent Preparation, Entrepreneurship

    Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Explosive Substances/Exposure (sense, test, measure; forensics)
    Medical devices and informatics, health records and privacy issues, nosocomial and post-op infections
    Internet apps and wearable devices, cloud / social network information issues, cybersecurity issues
    Data acquisition, chain-of-custody, accuracy, integrity, forgery, privacy, interpretation of measurements
    Other scientific & technical subjects including behavioral/procedural profiling, modeling, pattern analysis

**** International **** S.T.E.A.M. multiple specializations and interdisciplinary areas **** Investor Relations and Due Diligence **** Commercial and Industrial Intelligence ****

TetraDyn Ltd., a member company within The TETRAD Group, provides Subject Matter Expertise to clients for direct consultation in a variety of methods, both onsite and distance-based. International service options are available.

Senior Expert: Dr. Martin Joseph Dudziak PhD
Professional Expertise Summaries
Professional Bio
Full CV + Supportive Materials
Martin's Special Consultation in Cyber-focused Management and Technology
including concentrations in areas of healthcare and hospital administration, legal practice, financial and banking, and professional investigations

Note: To learn about additional expert professionals in USA and select other nations, with experience, skills, capabilities and availabilities in a number of scientific, medical and technical areas, as well as foreign language assistance for clients, contact us directly.

+1 (202) 415-7295
(mobile: voice/text/Viber/WhatsApp) (or alternate:)
Skype: martindudziak

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